Aesthetically Pleasing Storage Solutions For Modern Minimalist Living Areas

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One of the essential elements of a clean, modern looking minimalist living space is storage.

After all, having various things strewn around the floor and the coffee table is the easiest way to disrupt the modern minimalist ambiance of your living space.

However, common storage fixtures aren’t always the most aesthetically pleasing, to begin with. Many of these pieces of furniture designed to keep your things tidy are just plain ugly. This, of course, is not what you want for your minimalist style living area. In turn, your goal should be to find storage solutions that are practical but at the same time look good.

Here you can find 12 great examples of aesthetic storage solutions for your minimalist style living space.


Ottoman style beds such as these are excellent ways to store your belongings without sacrificing aesthetic appearance.

The amount of space inside a bed platform is enormous and can be used to even store a futon or cot for a guest. Alternatively, you can also get a bed platform with drawers that can be pulled out to store away various items.



Using shelves strategically is a great way to store your belongings in a decorative and aesthetically appealing way.

Lining your walls close to the ceiling with shelves can be a great way to store various items unintrusively but at the same time keep them visible. To ensure that the items on your shelves look aesthetically pleasing, you can store your things in sleek looking containers.



Minimalist style bookcases such as these are an excellent way to store your belongings (particularly books of course). Bookcases are also an excellent way to display various decorations to take the attention away from the storage of other items on your bookshelf.

Room dividers with shelves can also be used as bookshelves with a second functional purpose.


Behind door shelving

Although you very well can store things out in the open in an aesthetically pleasing way, hiding things behind your door may be the better alternative in some cases. Fixtures like these that lock behind your door are extremely practical storage fixtures especially if they take full advantage of the large surface area of your door.


Coffee table with storage

Coffee tables with fold up tops are excellent for storing blankets, tv controllers and other items that might be strewn about your living room.

There are many variations of these types of coffee tables. Some simply have tops that fold up while others have tops on gliders that can be pulled up on hinges. Either way, these pieces of furniture can be incredibly functional and at the same time look like beautiful fixtures.


Storage cubbies

When people think of storage cubbies, they usually think of clunky looking cubbies overflowing with random items. However, they don’t need to look this way at all. Storage cubbies can be beautifully organized with pull out containers that can house all your belongings.

Storage cubbies are perfect for a mudroom, laundry room or another space ideal for tucking away your belongings.


Nesting tables

Nesting tables such as these are neat little pieces of furniture that are easy to set up and store away again. Furthermore, when these tables are set out, they look quite elegant. Not only are these tables great for holding up appliances or other items, but the artistic qualities of the tables also make them a unique way to decorate your living room.


Key hooks and coat racks

Key hooks are one of the most subtle ways to organize your keys but little fixtures like these really do make a difference.

If you are a person who constantly loses your keys, this is a particularly good solution. Many of these key holders also have holders for your wallet and other small items as well.

Fortunately, many of these key holders have sleek modern designs to match the minimalist style décor of your home.

In addition, coat racks are another entryway necessity essential for any home whether it be minimalist style or not. Fortunately, there are many minimalist style coat racks to choose from.


Shoe shelving

Shoe shelves, of course, are great for storing your shoes.

However few people realize how many modern minimalist style shoe shelves there really are. Most people just think that shoe shelves are always just crudely built wood fixtures. However, there are many made from bamboo or steel that are perfect for minimalist style homes.

There are also dozens of other unique space saving ways to store shoes that you can learn about here


TV stand/TV cabinet

TV stands and cabinets again are excellent storage solutions that look charming as well.

Many TV stands are simply just platforms on stilts that don’t have shelving or space underneath really to store your belongings. However, TV stands such as the ones above are much more practical.


Dish drying cabinet

Dish drying cabinets are incredibly unique pieces of furniture that have a really modern vibe to them.

These racks essentially allow your plates, pots, and pans to hang dry along a wired rack lining the bottom of your cabinet. This allows your plates to drip dry without taking up space on your counter.

After all, who really wants to look at a drying rack full of plates on your counter anyway.


Large basket

As simple as it may seem, a large woven basket can be a great storage solution. Baskets such as these are great for storing bathroom supplies. In turn, large baskets are perfect for storing towels and potentially even extra soap and shampoo bottles.

Whether they are made of bamboo or woven hemp, baskets like these are a great opportunity to add some authentic natural material into your living space.



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