8 Cool Pieces Of Bamboo Furniture (and other creative bamboo uses) For Japanese Minimalist Design

bamboo chairs

Incorporating bamboo furniture in your living space is one of the best ways to achieve a minimalist, zen style décor.

After all, one of the most essential elements of zen interior design are fixtures made of natural materials. The Japanese, since ancient times, have believed that balance and harmony is an inherent quality in nature. In turn, filling your living space with natural elements can bring the same sort of inner peace to your living space that nature provides.

Stone, wood, house plants and of course bamboo are all prime examples of natural elements commonly used in zen style decor.

Fortunately, bamboo can be used to create just about any piece of furniture that you can think of. Not only does it look super authentic but it’s an extremely practical material as well. Bamboo is super lightweight as well which makes moving around your bamboo furniture a breeze.

Here you can find a nice variety of bamboo furniture as well as a few other uses for this material in the interior design of your home.

Best bamboo furniture/furnishings


NNEWVANTE Bamboo Coffee table

Coffee Table, NNEWVANTE Cocktail Table Bamboo End Table Foldable TV Table/Sofa Desk/Center Table Side Table with Removal Storage Shelf for Living Room Furniture No Assembly Large Size 38.6’’ x 19.7’’

Coffee tables, given that they are typically in the center of the living room usually are fixtures that at the center of attention. In turn, coffee tables made from bamboo are effective in creating a natural feeling ambiance.

One of the greatest feature of this particular coffee table, especially for minimalistic small living spaces is that it has a folding design. This allows you to easily store the coffee table in the pantry or closet when you don’t need to use it.

There is also a convenient lower shelf of the coffee table that is ideal for keeping cup coasters and other items that you wouldn’t necessarily want on top of the coffee table at all times.

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COSTWAY Bamboo Ladder Shelf

COSTWAY Bamboo Ladder Shelf Foldable Multifunctional Plant Flower Display Stand Storage Rack Bookcase Bookshelf Natural (4 Tier)

Bookshelves and the books that they hold reflect your personality and add great character to your living space. Bamboo minimalist bookshelves such as this one are excellent ways to display your book collection in a natural, and authentic way.

Don’t be fooled, however. Despite the delicate appearance of bookshelves such as these, they can still be extremely sturdy. The bars that run along each shelf allow each shelf to support up to 45 pounds.

The bamboo is also coated with a clear varnish as well which gives of an aesthetically pleasing sheen. This varnish is also waterproof and easy to clean as well.

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SONGMICS Sturdy Shoe Rack Bench

SONGMICS Sturdy Shoe Rack Bench, 3-Tier Bamboo Shoe Organizer, Storage Shelf Holds Up to 264 Lb, ideal for Entryway Hallway Bathroom Living Room and Corridor ULBS04N

A nice little bench can make an excellent little addition to your entryway or bathroom. Small little fixtures like these add a nice subtle touch to your living space and at the same time provide a great opportunity for storage.

For entryway placement, this bench is great because it’s ideal for storing shoes. Given its three-tier structure, there is plenty of space to fill an entire families collection of shoes.

Of course in the bathroom, this bench is also a great fit given that you can store in the three-tier platforms soaps and other bathroom supplies.

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Naple Bamboo Grommet Top Panels for Sliding Glass Doors and Large Windows

Naple Bamboo Grommet Top Panels for Sliding Glass Doors and Large Windows

Bamboo curtains are excellent for large windows or sliding doors.

Many bamboo curtains are woven with extremely thin pieces of bamboo to let in as much natural light as possible. At the same time, curtains like these aren’t transparent to the point where you can see completely through them.

Better yet these particular bamboo curtains come in four different color shades to match your décor.

Keep in mind however that bamboo curtains are much heavier than regular curtains. Bamboo is still wood after all and not light fabric. In turn, it is necessary that have a sturdy curtain rod in place to support your curtains.

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BIRDROCK HOME Folding Bamboo Hamper

BIRDROCK HOME Folding Bamboo Hamper | Made of Natural Bamboo | Includes Machine Washable Cotton Canvas Liner

Bamboo laundry hampers are excellent because they are aesthetically pleasing compared to clunky plastic laundry hampers. At the same time, bamboo laundry hampers are incredibly practical as well.

Because bamboo is so lightweight, it makes for the perfect building material for laundry hampers.

Another great benefit of this particular laundry hamper is that it folds up quite nicely for storage. The cotton canvas liner can also be taken out once the hamper is full.

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Prosumer’s Choice Bamboo 360 Degree Rotating Flat Screen TV Stand

Prosumer's Choice Bamboo 360 Degree Rotating Flat Screen TV Stand with Home Entertainment Shelf

Bamboo TV stands such as these are extremely functional and easy to assemble.

The stand allows you to rotate your flat screen TV 360 degrees while the durable anti-skid rubber feet keep the platform firmly in place.

The hollowed out cubby in the platform also provides a great space to store a DVD player, game console or other similar electronic devices.

Better yet, this is the perfect design for any minimalist style living space. The stand is fully functional and aesthetic without being unnecessarily complicated. The beauty of the design comes from its subtleness.

In addition, this design can come in many different dimensions to fit the shape and size of your furniture.

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InnoGear Upgraded Real Bamboo Essential Oil Diffuser

InnoGear Upgraded Real Bamboo Essential Oil Diffuser Ultrasonic Aroma Aromatherapy Diffusers Cool Mist Humidifier with Intermittent Continuous Mist 2 Working Modes Waterless Auto Off 7 Color LED Light

Most people only focus on the visual aspect of their interior design but neglect to pay attention to the scent of the living space. That’s where essential oil diffusers come into play.

Unlike many other essential oil diffuser brands that have “bamboo” essential oil diffusers that are really made of plastic, this one is the real deal. Made of real bamboo this essential oil diffuser provides a decorative touch to your living room.

The device has two misting modes: continuous and intermittent mist. The continuous mist enables the device to maintain a consistent stream of mist while the intermittent mist pauses every 10 seconds before misting again.

The 7 color light ring at the top of the device also makes for a great nightlight.

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InterDesign 81232 Bamboo Floor Mat

InterDesign 81232 Bamboo Floor Mat – Ideal Mat for Kitchens, Bathrooms or Offices - 20” x 33”, Natural

Bamboo floor mats are one of the most traditional uses of bamboo by the Japanese. For centuries, mats like these have been at the heart of every traditional Japanese home.

Whether it be for your kitchen, living room, or meditation room, classic bamboo floor mats like these are perfect for bringing out the zen in your home.

Unlike other bamboo mats that tend to skid and slip on the floor, this particular design has an anti-skid resistance to hold it in place.

Unlike other rigid rubber mats, this mat also can neatly roll up to be stored away as well.

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Other creative ways to use bamboo in minimalist interior design (in addition to furniture)

bamboo stalks

Aside from furniture, there are numerous other ways to incorporate bamboo in your interior design. Because bamboo is such a versatile material, it can be used for flooring, wallpaper, fabric, panels, dividers, and of course, house plants.

Bamboo flooring

Bamboo flooring is an excellent way to incorporate bamboo into your living space in an extremely practical way.

To make bamboo flooring, the strands of bamboo grass are shredded up, mixed with glue and then pressed together under heat and tension to create floorboards.

One of the reasons why bamboo is such a great material to use for floorboards is that bamboo comes in all different shades of color. In turn, you can have a wide selection of floorboard color shades to choose from to match your decor.

In addition, bamboo, compared to most other trees is incredibly fast growing.  This means that it is rapidly renewable and thus a very sustainable resource to make floor panels out of.

However, one of the biggest downsides of bamboo flooring is that the quality of these floorboards is sometimes questionable. Because many of these floorboards are made overseas, much of the time toxic adhesives and other materials are used to make the floorboards which could potentially be something to worry about. In turn, it is worth doing a bit of research into these common manufacturing processes before determining if bamboo floorboards are good for your home.


Wall panels made from bamboo are excellent for creating an authentically Japanese style living space.

People often like to use Japanese wall panels for spa rooms or bathrooms mainly because bamboo can withstand the changing of temperature and humidity better than many other materials. Secondly, there is something about bamboo that really just makes it fit in nicely with bathrooms and spas.

In addition, bamboo panels can also be excellent to use for soundproofing. Special sound absorption panels are often used for bedrooms and TV rooms to dampen the sound that might otherwise echo throughout your home. The natural qualities of bamboo make it great for this purpose.

House Plants

We can’t really talk about incorporating bamboo in your interior design without talking about simply displaying bamboo as a house plant.

Bamboo is one of the best house plants to have for a few reasons. For one, it is a very aesthetically pleasing plant. Bamboo grows very predictably and has a very clean appearance, unlike some other house plants. In turn, most bamboo house plants fit in well with minimalist interior design.

In addition, bamboo is incredibly easy to maintain as well. Bamboo does not need to be watered super frequently, it often doesn’t require a specific soil type, nor does it need to have a super specific amount of sun exposure or humidity. In turn, it is safe to say that bamboo survive some neglect which makes it an excellent house plant to have. 

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