Best Bedside Table Ideas For Japanese Futons

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Japanese futons are excellent sleeping solutions for a minimalist style interior design.

However, no matter what bed you have, whether it be a traditional mattress or futon, there are certain pieces of furniture to compliment the bed that might be needed.

Why might you want a bedside table or a nightstand for your futon?

Well… for the same reasons you would want one for a traditional bed. No one wants to put their book, their reading glasses, or a cup of water on the floor. You are much more likely to step on these items when they are laid out on the ground next to your bed. Not only that, but the floor is often just not the most sanitary place to put your bedside items either.

However, Japanese futons are obviously quite different in dimensions than traditional mattresses. This can make finding the right furniture to accommodate your Japanese futon a little more difficult. It can be tough to find the best bedside tables for Japanese futon beds in particular. After all, very few companies make bedside tables specifically for Japanese futons.

Here you can find the best nightstands and bedside tables compatible with futon beds as well as a few other “creative solutions” for small bedside tables as well.

Bedside tables/nightstands for Japanese futons

The following two pieces of furniture are simply nightstands that could be compatible for futon beds given their short height and compact size. However, even given their short heights, they may still be relatively tall for your Japanese futon unless, of course, there is a platform underneath your Japanese futon to boost its height ever so slightly. 

WLIVE 1 Drawer NightstandWLIVE 1 Drawer Nightstand, Wood Accent Table for Bedroom, Living Room

At about 15 inches tall, this nightstand is certainly shorter than most making it a good candidate for a futon bedside table. However, even though its shorter than most, it’s still tall enough so that it would probably be paired best with a futon bed already on an elevated frame or platform.

With its steel legs and clean cut one drawer table top, this nightstand is a perfect fit for any modern minimalist home.

In addition, you can choose to get this bedside table in a grayish or natural oak finish to match the particular décor of your room.

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LASUAVY Bamboo Nightstand Stackable Bedside TableLASUAVY Bamboo Nightstand Stackable End Table Bedside Table, Set of 2

At 16.5 inches tall, this nightstand would also be suitable for a low rising futon bed on a platform.

One important feature to note on this side table is that it is made of bamboo. If you are attempting to put together a Japanese décor in your bedroom, the authentic bamboo material can really add to the zen ambiance of your bedroom.

The design is also extremely simple as well. There are no unnecessary ornamental embellishments to it at all which makes it perfect for a modern minimalist style living space.

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Hensen Mid-Century Modern Round White Accent Table

Hensen Mid-Century Modern Round White Accent Table: use as End, Side, Bedside, or Mini-Coffee Table

At 14.6 inches off the ground, this little accent table can make for the perfect nightstand for your Japanese futon. 

This table is extremely basic but at the same time beautifully simple. In turn, it makes for an excellent addition to any minimalist decor. 

One of the most convenient features of this table is that there is a slight lip around the edge of the table. This feature is subtle, yet it practical for keeping your belongings on the table without worrying about them sliding onto the floor.

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Marble Field Accent Wooden Nightstand

Marble Field Accent Wooden Nightstand, Stackable Side Table with Cushion,Ottoman Bench with Storage for Living Room or Bedroom, Cabinet for Storage, 21.1"x16"x19.1", Wood Color

This tables metal frame comes up to 19.11 inches which might be a bit too high for most Japanese futons. However, the actual table top is actually a few inches shorter than the frame which protrudes over the top of the table. 

Given its iron frame and legs, this side table might fit in well with an industrial minimalist style decor. However, the simple design allows this piece of furniture to fit in which just about any minimalistic style decor. 

The cubby hole is also another convenient feature of this little nightstand that makes it a practical option.

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TaoHFE White Nightstand

TaoHFE White Nightstand, Wooden End Table with Drawer/Accent Side Table for Living Room Large Space Smooth Surface

Coming up to 16.9 inches this nightstand would accompany a Japanese futon on a platform or riser best rather than just the futon alone. 

This nightstand has a slightly vintage style to it. However, this vintage look certainly isn’t so strong that it can’t fit in with a modern minimalist living space. 

Of course, the pull out drawer is always a welcomed feature for eliminating clutter and stowing your nightside belongings before sleep.

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Other creative futon bed nightstand solutions

As mentioned before, there simply aren’t many nightstands designed for Japanese futons. However, there are many other short and compact pieces of furniture that can provide the same function and look stylish at the same time.

BedShelfie Plus The Original Bedside ShelfBedShelfie Plus The Original Bedside Shelf - 9 Colors / 2 Sizes - AS SEEN ON Business Insider (Plus Size, Natural)

This little bedside shelf is an excellent space-saving substitute for a traditional nightstand. If you don’t feel like having the bed shelf out, you can quickly throw it in the closet or behind your futon for easy storage.

Aside from the practicality of the bed shelf, the design of the shelf also fits in well with any Japanese style bedroom. The bamboo material adds a nice authentic touch.

However, this solution will really only work if you have a platform or frame that your futon is resting on. Because the bedside shelf clamps on to the rim of your bed frame, having some sort of supporting structure underneath your futon is necessary.

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DESIGNA Metal Monitor StandDESIGNA Metal Monitor Stand,Black

Many computer monitor stands actually make for perfect Japanese futon bedside nightstand. Standing typically about six inches or so tall, computer monitors are the perfect height for your futon whether it is sitting on the floor or raised slightly on a platform.

Not only that but computer monitors such as this one are also have a sleek modern design that is quite pleasing to the eye. There aren’t any unnecessary drawers, patterns, or other distracting features. Monitors such as this one are simply symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing fixtures that fit nicely in minimalist style bedrooms.

As a little bonus, monitors such as this one can also be placed in your lap in bed to rest your laptop if you care to work on your laptop before you sleep.

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Greenco Rectangle Bamboo Butler Serving Tray With Handle

Greenco Rectangle Bamboo Butler Serving Tray With Handles

A serving tray may perhaps be a good bedside table solution for a low rising futon bed.

This is a great solution if you aren’t looking for a very sophisticated nightstand alternative. However, there are some great benefits to using a serving tray.

First of all, you can easily pack away the serving tray. Secondly, the rim around the tray isn’t super noticeable but at the same time useful feature. It ensures that your reading glasses, watch and other items don’t slide right off onto the floor.

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Japanese Kiri Wood Jewelry Box

Japanese Kiri Wood Box Inro Style Asian Traditional Juzu Storage Womens Jewelry Gift Accessory Case Box (12.3 x 7.0 x 2.6)

A jewelry box might not be such a bad idea to use as a nightstand. After all, most jewelry boxes don’t come too high off the ground, and they are typically clean and aesthetic in appearance.

In addition, if you want to keep a strict minimalist lifestyle free of any clutter, you can even keep your bedside belongings in your jewelry box next to your bed. This way they can be easy to access but at the same time can be stored out of sight and out of mind.

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The Living Store Wood Step Stool

The Living Store Premium White Wood Step Stool Child Bench Climbing Chair White Finish Home Decor

Stepping stools such as these can actually be excellent substitutes for traditional nightstands. They are simply designed and of course, you don’t need to worry about breaking them since they are made to be stepped on anyway.

Of course, there are also plenty of other stools that you can choose from that vary in width and height.

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Plymor Brand Black Acrylic Rectangular Beveled Display Base

Plymor Brand Black Acrylic Rectangular Beveled Display Base.75" H x 8" W x 6" D

This may be one of the simplest alternatives to a nightstand for a Japanese futon. 

Display bases are used in museums and houses to… well… display things of course. However, at just about an inch off the ground, this display base gives you a nice little area to place your bedside materials rather than the cold, hard ground. 

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