9 Best Japanese Minimalist Interior Design Decorations

zen decorations

Although too many decorations and embellishments can disrupt the flow of your minimalist living space, a few strategically placed decorations can bring your home to life.

And what better way to decorate your living space than with Japanese style decorations?

Since the Japanese were pioneers in the minimalist style interior design, Japanese décor is largely associated with the harmony and tranquility that this living space design provides. In turn, you can bring zen-like harmony to your home just by incorporating a little bit of Japanese inspired flare yourself.

Whether you are attempting to create a Japanese style interior design or if you simply want to add just a touch of zen harmony to your home, Japanese decorations can do the trick.

Here you can discover the 9 best minimalist Japanese decorations for your home.

Potted plants

Healthy Small Windswept Juniper Pre-Bonsai (Juniperus Procumbens 'Nana') Directly From Bonsai Outlet

One of the most essential elements of minimalist zen interior design is the incorporation of natural elements in your living space. In turn, potted plants are an excellent way to achieve this sort of style.

However, not just any potted plant is ideal. To really achieve that Japanese inspired design, it is best to choose a popular Japanese plant.

Bamboo and juniper bonsai trees are two well known indoor Japanese plants are great for setting the mood. These plants are also super low maintenance so that you don’t need to worry about upkeeping your decorations too much.

Of course, a zen-like minimalist plant pot to contain your plant is also necessary to achieve this minimalist Japanese style look.

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MyGift 12 inch Meditating Seated Buddha Statue Figurine with Rustic Gray Finish

Nothing brings peace and serenity to your living space than a Buddha.

Buddhism is one of the most ancient religions in Japan and has been practiced for centuries. The religion’s practices and values have shaped and developed Japanese society since its introduction in Japan hundreds of years ago.

The Buddha is symbolism of inner peace, and in turn, a Buddha statue inspires harmony within any living space.  Furthermore, because the Buddha is a representation of a frugal lifestyle that avoids excessiveness, the buddha’s values also align well with the minimalist style interior design concept.

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Alpine MLT102 Mirror Waterfall Fountain with Stones and Light, 72 Inch Tall, Silver

Waterfalls are excellent decorations to bring zen balance to your living space.

Not only are waterfalls particularly soothing to look at but they also are extremely calming to listen to at the same time. There is nothing better than meditating or falling asleep to the sound of running water.

There are a few styles of decorative waterfalls that work well with minimalist, Japanese style living spaces.

The first type would be the stone slab style waterfall where the water rushes over the top and down the face of the stone. The second style is the bamboo waterfall where the water rushes out of a tube of bamboo and collects in a bowl.

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Essential oil diffuser

VicTsing 300ml Cool Mist Humidifier Ultrasonic Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser for Office Home Bedroom Living Room Study Yoga Spa - Wood Grain …

Essential oil diffusers are excellent for achieving a zen ambiance.

After all, with so much focus on the visual aesthetics of living space, people often forget about the scent of their homes. Pleasant aroma has a calming effect that few other decorations can create. As a bonus, essential oils also have numerous health benefits.

Furthermore, there are many Japanese inspired essential oil diffusers to choose from. Many of which incorporate bamboo and other natural elements to match with a natural minimalist interior design.

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Mini zen garden

Toysmith Deluxe Zen Garden

Zen gardens have always been associated with the tranquility that comes from meditation.

In turn, mini Japanese gardens are great for minimalist Japanese interior designs.

Not only that, but these mini gardens can also be soothing to play with as well. Running the little wood rake through the sand to create patterns and designs has quite the meditative effect.

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NCYP Modern Tabletop Black Glass Geometric Terrarium Container Window Sill Decor Flower Pot Balcony Planter DIY Display Box for Succulent Fern Moss Air Plants Miniature Fairy Garden Gift (No Plants)

Terrariums are incredibly elegant ways to house plants and shrubbery.

Unlike regular plant pots, terrariums are typically glass orbs or metal framed glass fixtures for mini indoor gardens. The cool part about terrariums is that you can see the soil and rocks at the bottom of the glass that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to see with a traditional plant pot. Typically not very big in size, terrariums are great for housing quant little shrubberies.

Terrariums look good sitting on the kitchen table, the counter top, or you can even suspend your terrariums in the air with twine for decorative effect.

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KitchenGynti Scented Candles Gift Set - Lavender, Rose, Tea Tree and Peppermint, Candle Soy Wax for Stress Relief and Aromatherapy, Candles - 4 Pack

Candles are excellent for creating a soothing ambiance in your home.

One important concept of minimalist interior design, particularly zen style interior design is to limit the use of electronics when possible. In turn, candles, of course, are an excellent way to illuminate your home at night without the use of electric lamps.

Not only that, but candles ALSO smell amazing. There is certainly a therapeutic effect that comes with breathing in the warming aroma of a fresh scented candle.

For authentic Japanese scents, you could even possibly choose sakura or lilly scented candles.

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Gong or wind chimes

Woodstock Chimes WDG Desk Gong, Black

Nothing sounds more zen-like than the sound of a gong.

Having a mini gong in your home is a decoration that really adds authentic character to your living space. Whether or not you are actually interested in playing the gong, the fixture is still an amazing decoration.

If you aren’t so much of a fan of the gong then Japanese wind chimes might be a good alternative. Bamboo wind chimes have a particular earthly charm that resonates with zen-style living spaces.

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Paper lanterns

LinenTablecloth White Paper Lantern, 12-Inch

Paper lanterns are excellent for additional authentic beauty in your living space.

You can use paper lanterns in two ways. First, you can use paper lanterns purely as decorations. By placing a paper lantern or two on the kitchen table or hanging from the ceiling, you can instantly add character to your living space.

Of course, you can use paper lanterns as fully functional desk lamps or ceiling lamps for instance. The glow of the paper surprisingly provides great lighting. Decorations or practical lighting solutions, paper are beautiful features for any zen style home to have.

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