10 Best Minimalist Alarm Clocks For A Modern Bedroom

alarm clock by the bedside

Waking up to the blare of a clunky alarm clock that you have been using since high school can be a terrible way to start your day. 

If you are making the transition to a more modern, minimalist bedroom design, selecting a minimalist alarm clock should be your first step.


Well, for a few reasons.

Waking up to a sleek, elegant, minimalist-inspired alarm clock is an excellent way to start your day on the right foot. It might not seem like it would be the most noticeable detail to your bedroom, however, your alarm clock is the first thing you lay eyes on in the morning.

Secondly, alarm clocks simply aren’t that expensive. One of the best things about minimalistic design is that because of the simplistic nature, these alarm clocks won’t break the bank. Out of all the items in your bedroom from bedside lamps to curtains, your alarm clock will likely be your least expensive item.

TooTa Digital Clock

TooTa Digital Clock, 3 Alarm Settings, with Wooden Electronic LED Time Display, Dual Temperature & Humidity Detect, Ideal for Bedroom, Bedside Kids, Batteries not Needed, Black

This elegantly designed alarm clock can match just about any bedroom décor. With black and tan color options, this alarm clock gives off a subtle but stylish impression.

The most noticeable aspect of this alarm clock is that it is shaped like a pleasingly symmetrical triangle cylinder. Given that it isn’t shaped like your standard alarm clock, it certainly is a unique fixture for the bedroom.

Notable features

Temperature and humidity display– One feature that sets this alarm clock apart from others is that it contains a built-in temperature and humidity detector. The right-hand side of the alarm clock displays these figures for your convenience.

Power supply options– This alarm clock is powered by a micro USB charger. In turn, you never will need to be worried about changing batteries as long as it is plugged in. In case you don’t want to use batteries, you also can instead use batteries.

3 levels of brightness- The alarm clock gives you the ability to adjust its levels of brightness so that it isn’t too harsh on your eyes at night. You also have the option to turn the lights off completely while keeping the alarm system still on.

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HANGRUI Digital Alarm Clock

Digital Alarm Clock,HANGRUI LED Mirror Alarm Clock Display With Adjustable Brightness,Big Snooze Button,Dimming Mode and 2 USB Charging Ports Portable Modern Alarm Clock For Living Room,Bedroom,Office This alarm clock has an incredibly simplistic design that any minimalist would approve of. There are no other unnecessary readings on its face aside from simply the time.

One of the most notable features of the alarm clocks design is the mirror surface. Not only can you use this digital alarm clock for what it was made for but in daylight, you can even use it as a hand held mirror.

For such a low price, you certainly don’t need to sacrifice style for a tight budget here.

Notable features

Dual USB charging ports- Perhaps the most notable feature of this alarm clock that sets it apart from others is the two USB charging ports on the side. This makes it the perfect charging station for you (and also your partners) phones and tablets overnight.

Massive snooze button– Depending on how important snoozing your alarm clock is for you, this could be a game changer. Unlike other alarm clocks that have dozens of little buttons all over the top that you have to sleepily look over before finding the snooze button, this alarm clock has just one big snooze button to simplify everything.

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Bashley Wood Alarm Clock

Bashley Wood Alarm Clock Digital LED Light Minimalist Mini Cube with Date and Temperature Sound Control Desk Alarm Clock for Travel, Kids Bedroom, Home, Office-Black As far as alarm clocks go, this is about as minimalistic as you can possibly get. The alarm clock is simply a wood cube with an electronic time display on the front. Nothing more.

With four different color options, this model can match the design of any bedroom.

Notable features

Energy saving mode- One of the most noteworthy features of this alarm clock is that you can change the alarm clock to energy saving mode. Under this setting, the display turns off after 15 seconds but you can reactivate the display setting by making noise within close proximity to the alarm clock over 60 dB. A quick clap, for instance, can do the trick.

Auto-dimming options- With this feature, the brightness of the display automatically adjusts between day and night settings to adapt to changing environments. In addition, you can change the general brightness to three levels of intensity.

Power supply options- You can choose to power this alarm clock with batteries or by using a USB charger instead. The USB charger is preferred by most as this alarm clock can eat through batteries fairly quickly.

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Town Time Analog Clock

Analog Alarm Clock - Loud Alarm Clock Heavy Sleepers | Old Fashion, Twin Bell, Non Ticking, Night Light, Battery Operated Manual Alarm Clock (Black) This alarm clock is very much a traditional style alarm clock. Its classic vintage twin bell design gives any room a nice retro touch.

Of course, that being said, the design is not super modern but it is still minimalist in nature due to its practical functionality. The alarm clock does two things and two things only: tell the time and sound an alarm. That’s it.

Despite the lack of modern design, this alarm clocks functionality may be the simplest and most practical of all.

Notable features

Simplistic controls- The only four controls on the alarm clock can be found on the back side. One is for the backlight button, the next is for setting the clock time, the next is to set the alarm time and then next is the alarm switch. That’s it. No need for a panel of unnecessary buttons to figure out.

Super loud alarm- This might not be a feature that you would be fond of but it’s a feature worth noting regardless. The alarm on this alarm clock is MUCH louder than most. If you are a super heavy sleeper or if you are slightly deaf, this is a great option for you.

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Abuzhen Wireless Speaker With Alarm Clock

Abuzhen Wireless Speaker with Alarm Clock, Digital FM Radio, 3.5mm Aux Line-in TF Card Play, Thermometer, Large Mirror LED Dimmable Display for Hotel,Home,Office,Bedroom,Travel Serving as a speaker and an alarm clock this alarm clock is slightly different from the rest.

Despite the added complexity with the speaker feature, this alarm clock still maintains a modern, minimalist style. The alarm clock has an aesthetically pleasing frame small enough to be even carried in a backpack.

Notable features

Gradual wakeup alarm- One cool feature of this alarm clock is that the alarm volume increases gradually to wake you up. If you hate nearly have a heart attack when traditional alarm clocks jolt you out of sleep with abrupt ringing, this could be a good choice for you.

FM radio- With this alarm clock, you can tune into any FM channel of your choice easily.

Bluetooth and MP3 player- With this alarm clock, you can wirelessly connect your phone or tablet to the speaker with Bluetooth. For a speaker on the small size, this alarm clock can still play loud enough to fill a room with music.

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SVINZ 8″ Digital Calendar Alarm Day Clock 

SVINZ 8" Digital Calendar Alarm Day Clock with 3 Alarm Options, Extra Large Non-Abbreviated Day & Month SDC008-2 Color Display Settings This alarm clock has quite a unique design. It looks almost like an iPad, giving off a contemporary, modern feel. In turn, this alarm clock which takes up very little space with its flat faced design makes for a great alternative to a traditional clunky alarm clock. Conveniently, it can be used as a wall clock

The face conveniently displays the day of the week first followed by the cycle of the day (morning, afternoon, evening, night, and predawn), followed by the time and the date.  

Notable features

Auto-dimming option- The alarm clock automatically dims starting at 7:00 at night and then brightens back up at the start of the day at 7:00. This is a really subtle feature but it can really help maintain a good sleep schedule. Of course, you can also turn this feature off it you would like.

Charger port- This alarm clock conveniently also has a charging port on the side which makes it a perfect device to charge your phone or tablet on before bed.

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Hometime Multi-Function Alarm Clock

Homtime Multi-Function Alarm Clock, Indoor Thermometer, Charging Station/Phone Charger with Dual Port USB for iPhone/iPad/iPod/Android Phone and Tablets, Black This sophisticated but still modern and aesthetically pleasing alarm clock is a great choice for any minimalist. The alarm clock is not only simple and easy to use but it is also compact enough so that it doesn’t disrupt the modern flow of your living space.

Notable features

Rotary button- The rotary button is an extremely practical feature. With the rotating button, you can quickly swivel the button around to easily set an alarm time. In addition, the button can also be pressed down to snooze your alarm clock and because it is so large in size, you won’t have trouble finding it to give yourself five more minutes of shut-eye.

Charger port- this alarm comes with two USB charger ports which makes it the perfect nightstand charging dock for you and even a partner as well.

Gradual wakeup alarm- This alarm clock comes with a gradual wake-up feature which means that the volume of the alarm gets louder and louder the longer you wait to turn it off. This feature is certainly a nice touch for gently waking up.

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Marathon CL030055GG LED Alarm Clock

Marathon CL030055GG LED Alarm Clock with Two Fast Charging, Front Facing USB Ports (Graphite Grey). Great for Travelling This alarm clock has one of the simplest contemporary designs fit for anyone that wants to remove any unnecessary clutter in their life.

After all, the alarm really has four buttons total on the top: one to turn the alarm on and off, one to snooze and two up/down controls. In addition, the compact frame is roughly two inches tall by 6 inches long. The size makes this alarm clock a great choice for travel or you can simply use it as an aesthetically pleasing bedside table fixture.

This alarm clock also comes in multiple different colors to match the décor of your modern living space. The simple white color, in particular, gives off a sleek contemporary feel.

Notable features

Charger port- One of the most notable features of this alarm clock is that despite its compact size, this alarm clock can still charge two devices given that it has two USB charging ports on the face of it. Of course, this makes it ideal for charging your phone and a second device at your nightstand.

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AHOMATE Digital Alarm Clock

Digital Alarm Clock, Wood LED Adjustable Brightness Voice Control Desk Wooden Alarm Clock with Day/ Date/Temperature and Humidity USB/Battery Powered for Home, Office, Kids With a nice homey sort of vibe, this alarm clock also has simplistic qualities. The wood design can create a naturalist touch to any living space and the amber colored digital display gives off a peaceful ambiance for your bedroom.

Notable features

Multifunction display- The display of the clock includes the time, the temperature of your living space and humidity as well.

Auto-dimming option- The led light display can be set to switch to higher brightness starting at 7:00 in the morning and then dimming again at 7:00 at night. In addition, the general level of brightness can be changed between three levels of brightness.

Sound control- With the sound control mode, the time display will be turned off to save energy and then turned on again by making noise over 50 DB near the alarm clock. A swift clap close to the alarm clock can do the trick.

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Tolmnnts Digital Alarm ClockTolmnnts Digital Alarm Clock with Dimmer,Snooze,Indoor Temperature and Extra Large LED Numerals, Both USB Cord and Battery Operated,Nice Bedroom Stand and Travel Mate, White

This alarm clock is arguably the most aesthetically pleasing of them all. With a sleek white frame and a mirror face to display the LED lighted time, this alarm clock truly looks like a piece of art. It is also worth noting that due to the alarm clocks simplistic nature, the face displays simply the time of day without any other distractions that can take away from the beauty of the alarm clock. Better yet, this design is compatible with any minimalist or modern themed living space.

You can even use the alarm clock as a handheld mirror if you so choose.

Notable features

Easy to use- The controls on this alarm clock are extremely simplistic. The only buttons on the alarm clock are the mode, alarm, snooze/light, and of course up and down. This makes the design extremely hassle-free and easy to work with.

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