7 Best Minimalist Coffee Makers For A Contemporary Kitchen

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A coffee maker is a staple of any kitchen. In turn, it would make sense for your coffee maker to match the design of your modern minimalist kitchen right?

As you make the transition to a contemporary, minimalist interior design, the coffee maker should be one of the first accessories to address.


There is nothing worse than a big, clunky coffee maker taking up space and ruining the ambiance of your kitchen.

The coffee maker is one of the first things most people see in the morning aside from your alarm clock. If you are like me and have a mild caffeine addiction, then the coffee maker is on the most important accessories in your kitchen as well. In turn, it is important that it works well and fits the décor of your kitchen. A beautiful contemporary designed coffee maker makes for an excellent feature of your minimalist style kitchen.

Below you can find the best minimalist coffee makers that are aesthetically pleasing, simple to operate and good quality.

KitchenAid KCM1204WH 12 Cup Coffee Maker 

KitchenAid KCM1204WH 12-Cup Coffee Maker with One Touch Brewing - White

This coffee maker by KitchenAid is a modern style coffee maker fit for any modern living space.

The design was inspired by Kitchen Aid’s iconic stand mixer which is practically a staple of households big into cooking. The curved edges give the coffee maker a fashionable yet state of the art vibe. In addition, if you are trying to match your coffee maker with white or bright complementary colors, this coffee maker comes in all white.

As for ease of use and simplicity of operation, this coffee maker is relatively straightforward to use. It is made with all the needed controls without any unnecessary bells and whistles that overcomplicate other models.

Notable features

24-hour programmability- One great feature of this coffee maker is the ability to program your coffee maker to make a fresh batch automatically any time of day or night.

Variable brew strength- With this feature, you can regulate how strong you want your coffee. Whether you want a light cup of coffee or a bold roast, you have the ability to completely customize your brew.

Small batch brew mode- With this feature, you can adjust the heating and saturation time for the desired flavor in small batches.

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CHULUX Coffee Maker

CHULUX Single Serve Coffee Maker Brewer for Single Cup Capsule with 12 Ounce Reservoir,Black The CHULUX Coffee Maker is an excellent single cup pod coffee maker that any minimalist can appreciate.

The design is extremely compact so that the coffee maker is guaranteed to take up very little space. Your coffee cup is likely at least half the coffee makers height, to begin with.

This coffee maker also comes in five different color options (black, red, blue, green, and orange) to match just about any kitchen theme.

As far as usability goes this coffee maker is as minimalistic as you can possibly get. After all the coffee maker has only two controls total: the switch to lock the coffee pod in and the on button. This makes making coffee as easy as it can possibly be because there are absolutely no unnecessary features to this device.

Notable features

Coffee brew or tea of choice- Given that this coffee maker is, in fact, a single cup pod coffee brewer, you have the ability to select whatever coffee brew you really want. Not only that but you may also use this coffee maker to make tea using single cup pods as well.

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BLACK+DECKER 5-Cup Coffeemaker

BLACK+DECKER 5-Cup Coffeemaker, Black, CM0700BZ This coffee maker has a timeless design fit for any kitchen. You can never go wrong with the classic coffee maker design especially when it doesn’t have any of the gizmos and switches that take away from the coffee makers aesthetic appearance. Better yet, this coffee maker comes in white and black to match any color scheme.

As far as usability goes, this coffee maker is about as straightforward as you can get. All you need to do is fill your coffee filter up with coffee grounds, insert it in the top, and hit the red button smack dab on the base of the coffee maker. It’s easy enough to use for a well-trained chimpanzee to operate.

Notable features

Sizable pot- This coffee maker has the ability to carry five cups of coffee. This is a great feature for families who have multiple people that need coffee at a time… or someone who just needs a few cups in a row to wake up. Regardless, the design is still compact despite the large pot.

Fast brew technology- Relative to other coffee makers, this coffee maker can brew coffee extremely quickly. This, of course, is great for anyone who needs to get out the door fast.

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Secura Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Maker

Secura Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Maker 18/10 Bonus Stainless Steel Screen (1000ML) This French press is practically a work of art. Even if you never even make coffee, it is still an elegant fixture fit for any modern kitchen.

This coffee maker is completely made from 18/10 stainless steel. As a result, you can throw it against a wall all day without a doubt that it won’t break. As far as ease of use goes, the French press is extremely simple to operate. All you need to do is fill the French press with the desired amount of coffee grounds, fill it up with hot water and press down the filter before pouring yourself a cup of coffee. There are no buttons to press or knobs to twist. In turn, this French press is simply a practical and minimalistic device for making coffee.

Notable features

3-layered stainless steel filter structure- One of the biggest critiques of French presses is that they often don’t do a good job at collecting all the grounds which can result in sludgy sediment at the bottom of your coffee cup. This filter system, however, can trap coffee grounds incredibly efficiently due to its three-layer structure. 

Cool touch handle and knob- despite the fact that the French press is made from steel, the cool touch handle and knob feature prevents the heat from the French press from reaching the handle for safety reasons.

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HAMSWAN Drip Coffee MakerDrip Coffee Maker, HAMSWAN AD-103 Coffee Maker Coffee Pot, Small 10 Cup Coffee Machine with Glass Thermal Carafe, Insulated, Keep Warm, Automatic Shut Off for Single Serve & House Use

This coffee maker has a beautiful contemporary design yet its usability is still simple.

This coffee maker has a sort of scientific build. With the distinct double chamber and beaker-like coffee pot, this coffee maker has a very innovative tone. In addition, its futuristic chrome body makes this coffee maker fit for any modern kitchen design.

Despite the futuristic look to it, however, this coffee maker is incredibly easy to use given that there are no fancy controls to worry about. In fact, the only button on the machine is the ON button to deliver the perfect cup of coffee every time.

Notable features

Proper extraction- This coffee maker has 5 special outlets in order to avoid too much extraction of coffee grounds or not enough extraction to ensure a full, rich flavor.

10 cup pot capacity- The pot can hold up to 10 cups of coffee or comparatively 8 cups according to the standards of some other brands. Despite the slim and conservative appearance, this coffee maker can hold enough coffee for many people.

Automatic shut-off- This coffee maker conveniently auto shuts off after being on for 40 minutes at a time. This is a great safety measure especially for people who tend to forget to shut their coffee makers off.

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Yama Glass CD-8 Silver Pour Over Coffee Maker

Yama Glass CD-8 Silver Pour Over Coffee Maker, Clear

This coffee maker by Yama Glass has one of the most unique designs out of the bunch. Don’t be fooled by the originality of the design, however. It is still an incredibly easy way to make coffee.

Similar to a French press, hot water must be poured into a chamber of coffee grounds where then it is filtered through to produce coffee. Simply turn the knob to collect the filtered coffee in the glass pot.

Not only is this an incredibly minimalist way to make coffee but the coffee maker its self is a true work of art. With the overhanging filter to strain the coffee and the elegant glass pitcher at the base to collect the coffee, this device is worthy of any modern minimalists kitchen.

Notable features

Temperature resistant glass- The glass on this coffee maker is extremely durable. Of course, it can withstand the high temperature of hot coffee but it can also be placed in the fridge soon after if you are interested in making iced coffee.

Great for tea- In addition, this design can also be used to make tea and other herbal remedies. The process is just the same.

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Cuisinart DCC-450BK 4-Cup Coffeemaker

Cuisinart DCC-450BK 4-Cup Coffeemaker with Stainless-Steel Carafe, Black You can consider this model to be your simple but trustworthy coffee maker. This coffee maker has a basic design but it is effective all the same.

Noteworthy features

Automatic shut-off- This coffee maker happens to have a 30-minute automatic shutoff. It’s a great feature to have to prevent forgetting to shut off the device.

Stainless steel pot- Unlike many coffee makers, the pot is made of stainless steel to prevent the coffee from cooling off too quickly. Of course, the pot also has a knuckle guard to prevent you from hurting yourself.

Basic controls– The only button you need to worry about on the coffee maker is the ON button. There are no other adjustments that need to be made to make a pot of coffee.

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