11 Best Minimalist Essential Oil Diffusers To Enhance Your Living Space

essential oil diffuser

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There are a few accessories that can really enhance the ambiance of any minimalist style interior design.

An essential oil diffuser is definitely one of them.

Being greeted with a whiff of refreshing aroma can completely lift your spirits as you enter your living space. Essential oil diffusers, in turn, are excellent additions for any contemporary household. After all, with so much focus on the visual aspect of the living space, people tend to forget about the importance of the smell of the room as well.

Of course, aside from the pleasant smell that they give off, there are other great benefits to essential oil diffusers as well. Essential oils have been claimed to improve sleep, strengthen your immune system, and ease your mind as well. 

However, not every essential oil diffuser fits well in a minimalist style room. Some are obnoxiously large, dysfunctional, or simply not pleasing to the eye. In this post you can, discover the best minimalist oil diffusers fit for any contemporary living space based on design.

URPOWER Essential Oil Diffuser

URPOWER Essential Oil Diffuser 150ml Wood Grain Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser with Adjustable Mist Mode Waterless Auto Shut-Off humidifier and 7 Color LED Lights for Home

This essential oil diffuser would make for excellent contemporary home decoration even if you never even used it for what it was designed for. The basic A-brown colored exterior (as shown above) is stylish but also simple enough to fit pretty much any living room décor. However, there are two other color options as well to choose from. The black color is particularly stylish given its dark outer shell with stark white streaks.

Better yet, given that it is about the size of an iPhone X plus, this scent diffuser enough is compact enough so that it doesn’t take up too much extra living space.

Notable features

  • 150 mL capacity and recommended for most 215 square foot living spaces
  • Runs 3-4 hours in continuous mode or 6 hours shutting on and off every 30 seconds in intermittent mode
  • LED lights alternate between 7 different colors

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InnoGear Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

InnoGear Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Wood Grain Ultrasonic Cool Mist Diffusers with 7 Color LED Lights Waterless Auto Shut-Off, 200 mLPleasantly compact in size this essential oil diffuser measures to be about the size of a dessert plate. The light and dark woodgrain colors give off a modern yet authentic vibe suitable for any modern living space.

Of course, like many other essential oil and scent diffusers, this one can display an array of different colors in a cyclical setting or just one specific color. This, of course, is great for setting the right mood for your room. In addition, unlike many other essential oil diffusers, you can adjust the intensity of light. This subtle feature can be quite convenient if you want to eliminate super bright lights in your bedroom for a better nights sleep. 

Notable features

  • 200 mL capacity fit for a kids size bedroom
  • 4 time setting modes: you can set the diffuser to go off every one, three, six hours or steadily on
  • Diffuser automatically shuts off when the water gets too low

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URPOWER Aromatherapy Diffuser 2-pack

URPOWER Essential Oil Diffuser, 2 Pack Aromatherapy Diffuser for Essential Oils Portable Cool Mist Humidifier with Adjustable Mist Mode 7 Colors LED Lights and Waterless Auto Shut-off for Home Office

These essential oil diffusers have simple yet elegant designs that make great additions to any living area. At about the size of an iPhone, each of these diffusers is small enough to avoid taking up an unnecessary amount of space.

In packs of two, this set is great because you can equip two rooms with essential oil dispensers for about the price of many single pack essential oil dispensers. However, keep in mind that due to their size and relatively lower mL capacity, these essential oil diffusers by themselves aren’t as effective for large living spaces. 

Notable features

  • 100 mL capacity each fit for small size rooms
  • Two time setting modes: Mist continuously for 3 hours working time, or intermittent mist (30 seconds on and off) for 6 hours working time
  • 7 light color options that you can choose from bright to dim levels of intensity

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Pure Enrichment PureSpa Deluxe Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser

Pure Enrichment PureSpa Deluxe Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser - 120ml Water Tank, Mood-Boosting Ionizer and Optional Color-Changing Light - Lasts Up to 10 Hours with Auto Safety Shut-Off

Futuristic in style would be a great way to describe this essential oil diffuser. It sort of looks as though it has an Apple brand style design to it.

Pure Enrichment is known for its top quality models of humidifiers, misters, and diffusers that are extremely effective, yet conservative in build.

Although this model is a bit pricier than others, the amazing quality justifies the added cost. Given that there is a 5-year warranty on the device, you can most certainly have peace of mind knowing that you can get reimbursed in the off chance that the diffuser malfunctions. 

Notable features

  • 120 mL capacity fit for 250 square feet rooms like offices, or medium size bedrooms
  • Relaxing light at the top of the diffuser acts as a great night light
  • Comes with ETL-approved power adapter, a water measuring cup and of course the diffuser its self

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URPOWER Real Bamboo Essential Oil Diffuser

URPOWER Real Bamboo Essential Oil Diffuser Ultrasonic Aromotherapy Diffusers Cool Mist Aroma Diffuser with Adjustable Mist Modes, Waterless Auto Shut-Off, 7 Color LED Lights for Home Office

Made with a 100% real bamboo outer shell and a food grade material water tank, this essential oil diffuser is quite unique. In turn, this product is an excellent option if you are concerned about purchasing an essential oil diffuser made of plastic with harmful toxins that can do more harm than good for your health. 

In turn, not only is this essential oil diffuser made to be incredibly safe for your household, given that it is made from bamboo, it has an authentic yet stylish appearance. 

Notable features

  • 160 mL capacity makes it great for a bathroom, closet or another small living area
  • 2 time setting modes: Continuous mist for 3 hours and interval mist (30 seconds on and off) for 8 hours
  • Ultrasonic technology keeps the mist coming out constantly and smoothly

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Viva Naturals Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

Viva Naturals Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser - Vibrant Changeable LED Lights, Soothing Mist & Oxygen, Automatic Shut Off' (100 ml, White)

Given that it has a unique cone-shaped build this diffuser is slightly different from the others. Not only that but the diffuser also is designed so that its neutral color scheme looks pleasing to the eye even when the light isn’t turned on.

In addition, given that the majority of the cone-shaped diffuser lights up, it is excellent to use as a nightlight as well. 

Because of the screw off top, it is also one of the easiest diffusers to fill up as well.

Notable features

  • 100 ml capacity makes it great for any small living area
  • Efficiently conserves oil and vaporizes without the use of heat
  • Three working modes: Continuous mist (for 3-4 hours), intermittent mist (on and off for 6-8 hours) or lights on mode with no misting

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ASAKUKI Premium Essential Oil Diffuser

ASAKUKI 300ML Premium, Essential Oil Diffuser, Quiet 5-in-1 Humidifier, Natural Home Fragrance Diffuser with 7 LED Color Changing Light and Easy to Clean

This model has a Japanese style design that fits in nicely with any minimalist style living space… especially if it is a Japanese inspired living space of course.

The price of this model is a bit higher than others but it reflects its additional features. For instance, this essential oil diffuser has a mist density control which you can adjust to make the mist stronger or weaker. In addition, this device is much larger than most essential oil diffusers. In turn, the larger water capacity allows it to run longer than most others. 

Notable features

  • 300 mL capacity. The model works great for any large living area
  • 4 time setting modes: 1 hour, 3 hours, 6 hours, and continuous
  • Brightness control can turn the diffuser brighter or darker

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Vitruvi Stone Diffuser, Hand-Crafted Ultrasonic Essential oil Diffuser

Vitruvi Stone Diffuser, Hand-Crafted Ultrasonic Essential oil Diffuser for Aromatherapy, Ceramic, Black, 100ml Capacity

Looking more like a sculpture than a functional device, this essential oil diffuser is aesthetically simple yet elegantly designed. Each and every diffuser is handcrafted from porcelain. This, of course, makes for an authentic piece of art and fully functional device at the same time.

One feature to note that also sets this essential oil diffuser apart from others is that it does have a light display. This, of course, might not be such a good thing if you are fond of changing colored lights of most other devices. However, if you are looking for an even more minimalistic style essential oil diffuser without any unneeded features such as lights, this device might be right for you. 

Notable features

  • 100 ml capacity. The model works great even for large living spaces despite the low capacity given it can project mist at a larger range
  • 3-hour continuous setting or 7-hour interval setting (on and off every 30 seconds)
  • Uses ultrasonic vibrations without heat to diffuse essential oils which preserves the integrity of the oils

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Round Rich Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential Oil Diffuser -120ml Cool Mist Humidifiers -7 Color LED Nihgt lamps -Crafts Ornaments All in One is The Round Rich Upgrade Whisper-Quiet Ultrasonic Ceramics Pineapple Humidifiers US120V

This essential oil diffuser is as much a minimalist decoration/art as it is an oil diffuser. With the ceramic pineapple frame, this model adds a bit of subtle flair to your living space. However, given that there aren’t any flamboyant designs on the essential oil diffuser, still is a great fit for any minimalist style living space.

Of course, the colored lights on the inside of the pineapple can help you change the mood of your living area as well.

Notable features

  • 120 mL capacity. Great to use for small to medium size living spaces
  • Automatically shuts off when water runs out
  • Ultrasonic vibrations without heat to diffuse essential oils
  • Conservative water use allows for 4.5 hours run time per fill

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AromaAllure Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential Oil Diffuser, AromaAllure Waterless Portable Mini Oil Diffuser for Car, Office and Closet

This model has a sleek, simple and stylish design that would fit well in any minimalist themed living space.

One thing that that sets this diffuser apart from others is that it is completely portable. Because it only requires batteries without the use of an extension cord you can keep it in the car or carry it in a handbag.

This is not to say that this essential oil diffuser isn’t a good fit for your home, however. It may be the perfect fit for a bathroom, a laundry room or even a closet to keep your clothes smelling fresh. 

Notable features

  • This particular model is a fan diffuser and doesn’t require water or heat. This makes it convenient for use on the go since you don’t need to fill it up with water
  • Simple design with only an ON button. No other controls or unnecessary adjustments are needed

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COSSCCI Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

COSSCCI Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Humidifier, 500ML Ultrasonic Cool Air Mist Humidifier with Auto Shut-Off, Timers Setting for Baby Bedroom Home Office

What sets this essential oil diffuser apart from most others is its relatively large size. Given that it has a 500 mL water capacity, it can run up to 10 hours straight on low-intensity mist. 

Another great feature that sets this device apart from others is that you can change the mist time setting and the light display by remote control. This way, you will never need to manually adjust the settings by grabbing hold of the device and finicking with it as it continues to mist. 

Notable features

  • 500 mL capacity makes the diffuser excellent for filling large spaces
  • 4 timer settings: 60 minutes, 120 minutes, 180 minutes, and stay on
  • Color cycle mode or one fixed color mode option

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