Best Minimalist Sci Fi Furniture For A Futuristic Decor

futuristic chairs

Shows such as Star Trek and movies such as Alien showcase some of the wackiest furniture.

Whether it be futuristic lighting fixtures or techno style captains chairs, these pieces of décor never cease to inspire us.

Science fiction movies are well known to feature unique looking furniture. However, much of the furniture and fixtures that you see in these futuristic movies are elegantly minimalistic in design and are quite aesthetically pleasing as well. In turn, the appearance of these sci-fi furniture pieces makes them great additions for any modern minimalist style homes.

Here you can find a few examples of sci-fi minimalist furniture that could potentially pair well with your living space.

Kenroy Home 32176GCH Spectral LED Table

Kenroy Home 32176GCH Spectral Color Changing LED Accent end Table 20 Inch Dia. x 20 Inch Height Chrome Glass

Flashy and sleek, this table is an excellent fixture as a side table or corner table. It is the perfect size to put your drinks or family photos on.

The LED lights along the glass table top gradual change color to create a mesmerizing effect. However, putting the light up display aside, even without this feature, the chrome metal frame and glass top are unassuming enough to fit in with pretty much any decor. 

Tables such as these are often featured in various night clubs and bars where the light up effect of the outer edge stands out in the low lit areas. However, taken out of this setting, tables such as these provide a futuristic and unique addition to any minimalist home.

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Swivel Retro Lounge Chair

Swivel Retro Lounge Chair Duhome WY-207 Chair with Faux Leather and ABS Plastic (Red+White)

The shiny plastic contrasted with the cushy red leather gives this chair a futuristic look but comfortable feel to it. It looks just like something you would see out of Star Trek or another old-timey space show series.

Chairs like these are particularly intriguing because they look sort of like optical illusions. The chairs appear to be super top heavy relative to the comparatively small base that can be swiveled upon. However, the chair is still plenty sturdy to lean back in and swivel to your heart’s content. Not only is it structurally sound enough to so that you will never tip over but the chair is also sturdy enough to support up to 285 pounds. 

Chairs such as these could possibly make for good desk chairs or even kitchen table chairs.

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Fab Glass and Mirror Stylish Coffee Table

Fab Glass and Mirror Stylish Coffee Table, Oval, WhiteThis coffee table looks as though it is a piece of abstract art.

The elegant glass top is has a beautiful black accent that thickens on one end and then thins out to create a captivating appearance. In addition, the steel base looks as though it were a piece of a modern sculpture but at the same time, it securely holds the table top despite the rounded shape of the base. Of course, you also can’t help but notice the black painted perimeter that is slightly more pronounced on one side to add to this tables captivating appearance. 

Although it looks like artwork, it still is a fully functional coffee table capable of supporting weight like any other.

The table comes in three different color choices: White/black, black, and red.

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AVE SIX Slick High Gloss Finish Cube Occasional Table

AVE SIX Slick High Gloss Finish Cube Occasional Table, Green

This fixture makes for an excellent side table next to a couch or even a nightstand as well.

Its high gloss finish gives this table a futuristic sort of feel to it. The sleek framework and symmetrical top and base make this side table an extremely unique design. Despite the elegant frame of the table however, the material is heavy and sturdy as any other.

Better yet, there is plenty of space within the table to store books or other items that you don’t want sitting around on top of it.

This side table comes in green, orange, and white. However, the white color is an excellent option for a modern minimalist decor given that white fits in with just about any decor. 

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Global Furniture USA D1628DT Oval Base Dining Table 

Global Furniture USA D1628DT Oval Base Dining Table Gray

This dining room table looks as though it is an abstract art sculpture taken right from a museum. Its transparent glass top draws attention to the beautiful framework below that sets this table apart from most. The design it so foreign compared to most other dinner table designs that it looks almost as if the table came from a sci-fi movie set.

Despite the fact that the framework is quite atypical, the table is still designed for functional daily use. The heavy stainless steel base also keeps the table well grounded and secure.

Global Furniture USA also sells other sci-fi style dining room tables to achieve a futuristic ambiance in your home. 

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Global Furniture Dining Chair

Global Furniture Dining Chair, White PU

Of course, you can’t have a sci-fi dining table without a set of equally futuristic looking dining chairs.

The shape of these chairs truly does look gravity defying. The seat its self is nothing crazy but the rim at the base substituting for the legs is what really sets this chair apart from others. Despite the fact that is has a somewhat untraditional shape, it still is perfectly stable. 

Chairs such as these are perfect for most dining room tables like the one above or for kitchen counters as well.

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Brightech Twist – Modern LED Living Room Floor Lamp 

Brightech Twist - Modern LED Living Room Floor Lamp - Bright Contemporary Standing Light - Built in Dimmer Switch with 3 Brightness Settings - Cool, Futuristic Lighting - Black

Nothing says sci-fi quite like this lamp. The spiral design that gives off light all the way up its 43 inches in height makes this lamp look as though it belongs on a sci-fi movie set. 

Given that the light stands so tall, it also gives off more light than many other lamps making this fixture both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

In addition, because this lamp is super unobtrusive you can fit it just about anywhere. Whether its simply in the corner or right by a bedroom dresser, it doesn’t take up too much space while still providing excellent lighting. Keep in mind that you can also adjust the shape of the lamp by twisting and untwisting to display your shape of choice. 

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ACME Brancaster Aluminum Desk

ACME Brancaster Aluminum Desk

On one hand, the solid chrome colored body of the desk gives off a lustrous appearance that you would expect from a high tech, sci-fi fixture. However, at the same time, it almost looks as if the desk was made from bits and pieces of an old fashioned airplane wing which may give a slight retro appearance. In turn, this desk has a mix of futuristic and industrial interior design elements to it. 

The attention to detail is likely what makes this desk so amazing. With its intricate patchwork secured together by dozens upon dozens of studs, this desk is truly a work of art.

Better yet, there is no assembly required for this piece of furniture. What you see is what you get, all in one piece.

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Mecor Kitchen Buffet Cabinet

Mecor Kitchen Buffet Cabinet,High Gloss LED Sideboard,Storage Server Table with 3 Shelves White

Sleek and clean, this kitchen buffet cabinet is an excellent addition to a sci-fi themed living space. The melamine board and tempered glass covering combined with the high gloss acrylic veneer gives this cabinet a super stylish appearance.

What really makes this fixture stand out as futuristic in nature however is the LED light that illuminates the inside of the cabinet. Each shelf becomes lit up by the lights on every level so that the entire spaces inside become illuminated by the neon glow. Something about a simple set of LED lights can turn an otherwise modern looking piece of furniture into a futuristic one.

The cabinet is perfect for storing plates, silverware, and other small size items.

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