5 Best Minimalist Toasters To Simplify Your Modern Kitchen

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If you are in the process of transforming your kitchen from a cluttered mess to a contemporary minimalist living area, the toaster may be one of the first countertop items you should address.

After all, there is nothing worse than waking up and walking into your kitchen only to be greeted with a bulky bread toaster that isn’t pleasing to look at.

Having an unobtrusive toaster with a simple design that is yet aesthetically appealing can make all the difference in changing the ambiance of your kitchen.

In this post, you can discover 9 of the best minimalist toasters available today.

Each toaster selected is based on their size, aesthetics, and ease of use.

Proctor Silex 2-Slice Toaster

Proctor Silex 22611 2-Slice Toaster This toaster has an extremely simple design and straightforward usability.

The exterior of the toaster is a glossy white plastic that can easily match with other contemporary style kitchen devices.

In addition, the device only has two controls to work with: the temperature setting knob and the pull-down leaver for your toast. This, of course, makes the toaster incredibly easy to use. 

Notable features

Automatic shutoff- One feature that should give you some peace of mind is the automatic shutoff. This feature shuts off the toaster at the end of its cycle for safety’s sake.

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Home Gizmo Toaster

2-Slice Toaster, Home Gizmo Cool Touch Toasters with 2 Extra-Wide Slots, 7 Browning Dials and Removable Crumb Tray - Brushed Stainless Steel

This compact toaster has excellent functionality and a sleek and clean appearance as well.

As far as aesthetics go, this Home Gizmo Toaster has a very modern stainless steel body. In terms of simplicity in usability goes, these toasters controls are pretty straight forward. It is equipped with the temperature knob, a defrost button, a reheat button the cancel button and of course, the lift lever making its functionality versatile without being overly sophisticated.

Notable features

Durable frame- Because this toaster is made almost entirely out of stainless steel, it is incredibly durable. You can knock over, drop and punt this toaster and it will more than likely still be perfectly functional.

Multiple toasting functions- This toaster has the ability to defrost frozen bread with the defrost feature which is a nice option to have. In addition, the reheat function allows you to warm up bread quickly without further toasting it or burning it.

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Muji Compact Pop Up Bread Toaster

[Muji]MoMa compact pop up Bread Toaster Oven MJ-PT6A White AC100V 900W from Japan The Muji pup up toaster by most standards is one of the most minimalistic bread toasters that you can find.

This toaster is inspired by contemporary Japanese design and is built to be sleek and discrete. With its curved edges and monotone white color, this design looks sort of like what a toaster by Apple look like. With its simplicity of controls and aesthetically appealing shape, this toaster would fit in with any temporary kitchen.

Notable features

Adapter, unfortunately, may be needed- The downside is that despite its ultra-minimal design, the toaster is not compatible with United States voltage. The voltage intended for the device is 100V but in the USA and many other countries, the voltage is around 200V. You can still use the toaster given the higher voltage however, a transformer would be required. This, of course, can add a bit of extra clutter to your living space which might not be ideal.

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Hamilton Beach Metal ToasterHamilton Beach 22706 2 Slice Metal Toaster

Because of its extremely compact shape, this toaster is ideal for any minimalist trying to reduce any unnecessary clutter in the kitchen.

This device measures 6.75 x 12 x 8 inches making it one of the most compact toasters available. Don’t be fooled, however. Despite its super compact build, this toaster’s slots are plenty big enough to fit bagels and thick artisan bread. In addition, with its rounded edges and brushed stainless steel body, the toaster is also quite stylish.

Notable features

Bagel setting- This toaster has a unique bagel setting which can be quite convenient. With this setting, you have the ability to toast just the cut side of your bagels and not the outer side.

Automatic shutoff- With this toaster, even if your bread or bagel gets jammed, the automatic shutoff will still kick in at the end of the cycle.  

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Cuisinart CPT-122FR Compact 2-Slice ToasterCuisinart CPT-122 2-Slice Compact Plastic Toaster (White)

This toaster has a sleek modern design that can pair well with any other modern kitchen appliances.

This sleek toaster is almost completely white with a few subtle but stylish stainless steel accents making it fit for any modern minimalist kitchen.  The gray lettering on the controls also makes it super easy to use and change settings.

Notable features

Multiple toasting functions- This toaster has a bagel, defrost and reheat settings. The bagel setting is ideal for toasting just one side of your bagels, the defrost can thaw out frozen bread and the reheat option heats bread without further toasting it or burning it.

Great efficiency- This toaster is reported to make dark toast in well under three minutes which makes this toaster a great choice for quickly making breakfast. For such a reasonable price, this toaster works great.

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Common Features

These toasters have a few features in common that are worth taking note of. 

Extra wide slots- Each toaster is equipped with extra wide slots. This way, you can toast any bread of choice from thin to thick without worrying about jamming up your toaster. 

Slide out crumb trays- These toasters all have a slide-out crumb tray at the bottom which makes them hassle-free and easy to clean. 

Toast boost- The toast boost function allows you to give the bread in the toaster an extra boost once it is done being toasted so that is much easier to grab onto. Without the toast boost, it is quite easy to burn your fingers in an attempt to grab your toast. 

6-7 shade dial- Each toaster is equipt with an adjustable shade dial to control how dark you want your toast to be. The dials have 6-7 darkness settings depending on the toaster. 

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