20 Best Minimalist Tumblr Accounts For Artistic Inspiration

minimalist photograph

Tumblr is a pretty unique nook of the internet. This social media platform has content for just about anyone… including those who have a taste for minimalistic art, photography and interior design. 

Daily Minimal

abstract graphic


Daily Minimal focuses on posting simple but aesthetically appealing graphic design art. Many of the patterns are designed to look like optical illusions which make these pictures all the more fascinating.

Sofia Jeliazkov Minimalism



This account is a mixture of minimalist photographs and graphic designs: all of which are in black and white.

Take Over Time



Take Over Time is an excellent Tumblr account for anyone big into interior design. The account focuses on taking pictures of simple yet elegant architecture and living spaces.

Artsy Loch

abstract painting


Artsy Loch posts pictures of various paintings done by famous artists mostly from the 20th century. All the paintings, of course, are of subtle minimalist style.

On Minimalism


camper house


With dozens upon dozens of pictures of unique houses, this account focuses on posting pictures of stylish modern architecture and minimalist interior design.

Minimal White

stair case


As you can imagine, this account is big on the color white. Aside from the fact that every photo is of something white, the account posts pictures of sculptures and other minimalist designs.


small house


This Tumblr account focuses on posting photos of minimalist interior design: particularly that of apartments and rooms in city buildings.

David Mesquivel

abstract painting


David Mesquivel posts unique photographs of canvas paintings with unique minimalist designs. Many of his designs are excellent abstract works of art.

Paul Brouns



Paul Bouns is a photographer and artist from Holland that posts primarily photos of architecture. The inspiration for the photography is symmetry and patterns in architecture.

For All Things Minimal

vases melting


This account promotes photos of modern interior design as well as aesthetic photos of various pieces of furniture and decoration.

Barbie Lust



You could consider this Tumblr profile to be a traveler Tumblr account with minimalist overtones to each photo. Every photo is artistically taken of the beach, architecture and other eye-catching traveling scenery.




Hardwearing is a collection of interior design photos. All of these photos incorporate shades of white giving off a sleek modern feel to every picture.


lines drawing


This account features simple but captivating sketch art. Every picture has a very basic series of geometric patterns but the attention to detail and the uniqueness of each piece of art is what makes the account so intriguing.

Gill Photo

fly on the wall


Gill photo finds beauty in everyday objects. Whether it be a close up of some car lights or a splash of water, this account captures the simple things in life.

Random Minimalist Home

interior of kitchen


This account has an array of photos on many features of modern homes. Many of these homes, of course, are small in size: perfect for any minimalist.


checker painting


With an array of art, interior design and quotes, this account can provide a little bit of inspiration for anyone big into minimalism.




This account is unique in that it features retro style pictures of various objects. Many of which are created through graphic design.

Jesus Perea



It’s pretty difficult to describe the type of art on this account. Many of the designs look like they may be inspired by paper origami objects in 2D but art is really what the viewer makes of it.

Erik Schepers

house over hill


Erik Schepers posts feature minimalist photographs of various cities and scenery from around the world. Most photos stress simplicity and tranquility.

Try To Alter Everything

building side


This account promotes an array of minimalist photos. Many of which are museum artwork pieces with modern and abstract designs.

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