Guide To Minimalist Décor Bookshelf Styling

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Bookshelves are an excellent way to bring personality to your living space. A thoughtfully organized bookshelf can enhance the minimalist style décor of your home.

However, not too many people know how to organize and decorate their bookshelves in a way that is particularly interesting or aesthetically pleasing. The process of styling your bookshelf is not complicated at all, however, there are some ground rules to follow to achieve a minimalist tone.

Given that minimalist style, décor encourages a “less is more” mentality, it can be easy to overdo it with the bookshelf styling and end up making your bookshelf look more like a cluttered mess than an elegant fixture.  

In turn, below you can discover a few rules of thumb to follow when styling your minimalist bookshelf.

Use decorations wisely


Bookshelves are one of the best places in your house to display decorations. After all, these shelves are practically pedestals to showcase your artistic side.

However, to achieve a modern minimalist look, choosing the right decorations to accompany your books is key.

Although it is up to you to personalize your bookshelf, however, your wish, there are a few ways you can do so in a minimalist sort of style.

First, for the most part, the decorations should be simple yet aesthetically pleasing. This means that picture frames with elaborate embellishments or displaying clunky looking alarm clocks might not be ideal. Sleek plant pots and subtle sculptures might be a better use of your shelf space.

Further down you can also read up on some recommended bookshelf decorations for minimalist interior design.

Play with colors


Strategically creating the color scheme of your bookshelf can make a big difference in how the bookshelf looks as a whole.

In general, most minimalist interior designs incorporate soft tones of white, gray, black and beige. In turn, you can never go wrong with using books and decorations with colors like these.

However, you may feel as though you may want to add a little bit of extra color here and there. For instance, you may want decorations or books of one or two specific colors for certain areas of your bookshelf.  

Alternatively, you may want to simply add small touches of vibrant colors here and there to add a little bit of zest to an otherwise monotone bookshelf.



The idea of layering is that you should put your bigger objects in the back of your bookshelf and the smaller ones further in front. For instance, if you have a tall vase that nearly extends the full height of your bookshelf, then it would be advisable to push that vase to the back of the bookshelf instead of the front.

This way, books, and other decorations will be in the forefront and won’t be blocked off. The concept is extremely simple but its something that makes a huge difference in how your bookshelf appears.

Stack books vertically and horizontally


One unique way you can showcase your book collection is by stacking your books both vertically and horizontally. By stacking books horizontally you can put decorations on top of the books for an artistic touch.

Feel free to play around with this type of design a little bit. There isn’t a right or wrong way to do it. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder after all.

Don’t overdo it


Remember that you are in the process of creating a minimalist style décor. This means that your bookshelves shouldn’t be completely cluttered with books and decorations. Ideally, you want a few books clustered here, a few decorations there, and not a jam-packed bookshelf.

Sometimes a bit of empty space can be a good thing. It draws your attention to the few pieces of decoration that you have. That being said, it is important to make sure that the decorations that you have really count.

Decorations for modern minimalist style bookshelves

Here you can find a list of some of the best bookshelf decorations. Keep in mind that you really only need a few decorations such as these to really bring your bookshelf to life. Using all of them would make your bookcase look like it belongs in a hoarders house rather than a minimalist’s.

Terrarium– A terrarium is essentially a tiny little garden enclosed in a glass orb often with some metal framework. Terrariums typically are good for cacti and other low maintenance vegetation.

Candles– Can’t go wrong with candles. Having a handful of candles propped on top of books on their sides and in the spaces in-between can bring to life your bookshelf.

Essential oil diffuserEssential oil diffusers are one of the most practical decorations you can have because they make your living space smell pleasant while still acting as aesthetically pleasing decorations. 

Bookends– Right… this one might be important for a bookshelf. Having a few bookends might be a rather practical decoration for your bookshelf.

Plant pots– Having a few (small) plant pots with low maintenance plants is a great way to add a nice natural touch to your living space.

Vases and bowls– A few vases and bowls placed here and there on your bookcase can be a simple way to add some ornamentation on your shelves.

Pictures– Pictures and their respective picture frame are one of the most common bookcase decorations and for good reason too. There are few other prominent places like bookshelves to display photos of family and friends.

Clocks– Small minimalist alarm clocks are great functional decorations to have for your bookshelves.

Sculptures– Whether they be abstract pieces of art or zen-like buddhas, sculptures are a great way to capture your artistic personality for display.

Minimalist books

What good is a minimalist style bookshelf if you don’t have books to fill it with?

Chances are you probably do have a collection of books. In case you don’t however, you can check out this post here on some of the best books on minimalist philosophy and interior design.

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