Minimalist Design In Modern Society: Why Less Is More

glasses and laptop

“Less is more”

We hear this phrase so much that it almost seems cliché.

However, in a fast-paced society that seems to be constantly changing and with equally chaotic personal lives, bringing simplicity to your living space can be worthwhile.

Enter minimalistic design.

There are a few key reasons why minimalist interior design can make a world of positive impact on your life.

Beauty of simplicity

Bringing balance and peace of mind through aesthetically pleasing fixtures in your living space is a staple of minimalist design.

No one likes to look at an ugly appliance or three pieces of furniture that don’t match in the slightest. On some level, interior design that is pleasing to the eye can give you a sense of stability given that your living space is one of the few constants in an ever-changing life.

Making practicality important

One of the greatest things about minimalist design is that there is a focus on what is really important. Whether its furniture or artwork, the subtle beauty in simplicity can be more meaningful than elaborate design.

This principle, of course, applies not only to aesthetic appearance and also the functionality of house fixtures as well.

For instance, an alarm clock that tells the time and rings in the morning is all that most people need in an alarm clock. However, you will see many alarm clocks today with a million features that most people don’t need. For instance, a Bluetooth speaker feature may be a nice addition, but when an alarm clock also has a light-up time projection, a sunrise simulation, and 12 different alarm sounds to choose, then all the added features become excessive. All most people need is simply a device to wake them up.

Declutter your life

With rapid advances in technology, it’s easy to feel like you need to constantly buy the “next big thing” or whatever is new today. On the flip side, hanging on to dysfunctional items for their sentimental value is also quite common.

However, this sort of mentality can lead to unnecessary clutter in your living space. One of the most important aspects of minimalist design is not just aesthetic appearance of what you do have but also doing away with what you don’t need.

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