16 Modern Minimalist Chairs That Are Actually Comfortable

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Minimalist style armchairs and lounge chairs can look incredibly unique. With their untraditional designs, modern minimalist chairs look almost like works of art.

Of course, chairs like these are great to add to your living space because they add a bit of artistic flair to any home. Many are simply awe-inspiring fixtures to look at.

Take this one for instance….


Pretty neat huh? It looks like something out of a modern art museum. However, although chairs like these are nice to look at, what they have in aesthetics they typically lack in the practicality of use.

I mean look at that chair. How could you possibly sit in that, lean back and enjoy yourself? There is no lumbar support from what it seems and very little cushion. The chair is so modern that it defeats the functional purpose that it was supposed to be designed for.

However, not all modern minimalist accent chairs need to be this way. There is a whole selection of minimalist chairs that look super cool and at the same time are extremely comfortable as well.

Here you can find a few examples of comfortable minimalist chair ideas to inspire your next interior design project.

Pulaski Home Comfort Mid Century Modern Wood Frame Accent Chair

Pulaski Home Comfort Mid Century Modern Wood Frame Accent Chair, 25" x 28" x 30.5", Neutral Chestnut

The warm chestnut frame of this chair is lean and quaint while the seat thickly padded for comfort. Ultimately the thin frame and the relatively large seat is what gives this chair its charm. However, despite its nimble frame, the chair is still plenty sturdy to withstand everyday wear and tear.  

Furthermore, you have quite the selection of colors to choose from between natural chestnut, grey prism, brown, and steel.

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Resident- Pick Up Stick Chair


Hornethe creator of this chair prides its self in making authentic furniture that is made to last. Every item this company makes is beautifully crafted and designed to really add an artistic presence to your living space.

The chair is uniquely designed in that it has a sturdy wood frame structure and just enough armrest and lower backrest to support your body well without limiting your movement all too much. Most importantly, this chair is extremely comfortable given its thick padded chair seat.  

Scissor chair by American Designer


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This chair is called scissor chair for good reason since the two main pieces of the frame look as though they can hold together much like a pair of scissors.

One of the reasons why this chair is so comfortable is that the leather canvas is strung between the wood frame of the chair. Because this leather has some give to it, it allows your body to sink into the leather and conform naturally to it. The seat of the chair is also well padded for extra cushion. 

Serta Style Alex Lounge Chair

Serta Style Alex Lounge Chair - Game Plan Light Gray

This chair has an incredibly unique design. It is made from a steel framework that wraps around the chair to form the base as well as the back support. Connected to the framework is a padded cushion seat to support your body. 

The metal framework is great for really providing some give for your body when you sit down. Not only that but because the fabric is connected between the metal framework, the seat conforms to your body as you sink into it. In addition, the backrest is slightly tilted back so you sit almost like you would in a lounge chair which makes the seat incredibly comfortable. 

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Buy Solid Wood Folding Leisure Chair


One thing that really makes this chair unique is its foldability. The chair is able to collapse so that you can easily move it to another part of the house or simply tuck it away in the closet. However, given that the chair is still thickly padded, the practicality of this chair does not sacrifice its comfortability.

In addition, the chair also folds out to be sort of a lounge style structure which can make it quite comfy to lean back onto.

Gross Venor Furniture Accent Chair


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This chair is likely the most luxurious chairs featured in this post and it is even borderline too glamorous to be considered minimalistic. After all, some would argue that the gold frame makes it slightly flashy however, it wouldn’t be an accent chair without a little bit of extra glamor to it. 

Regardless, it is still an excellent accent chair to accompany your bedroom or living room. It is well padded and the curvature of the chair makes it exceptionally comfortable without sacrificing lumbar support.

Vimele Dining Chair Solid Wood Folding Chair

Vimele Dining Chair Solid Wood Folding Chair Modern Minimalist with Armrests Home Dining Table and Chairs Folding Stool PU Red Oak (Color : B)

Although this chair is incredibly simplistic in design, it is extremely comfortable. Unlike many leather seats, the interior of this chair is made of a comfortable high rebound sponge that doesn’t deform easily despite the fact that it is so soft. The foldability of the design also makes this chair super easy to store away. Chairs such as these would be excellent for the kitchen table or your living room. 

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Eco First Art Janeen Swing


At first glance, this chair appears to look slightly top-heavy and perhaps unstable, however, its heavy base keeps it stable and firmly rooted.

This sort of design is considered to be a modern winged armchair. The entire seat is made of heavy padding that does a great job at conforming to the shape of your body and provides good lumbar support.

The chair is also relatively larger in size compared to many other minimalist style chairs giving you ample space to stretch out and relax on.

Era Rocking Chair, designed by Simon Legald


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Something about the easy gliding movement of a rocking chair can make even the most clunky looking rocking chairs feel relaxing. However, plushy and comfortable rocking chairs such as this one can make kicking back even more enjoyable. 

In addition, the design is quite unique in that the rocker legs are metallic metal which gives this rocking chair a pleasantly modern twist. The neutral color tones of this rocking chair also make it a great fit for just about any decor. 

Art Leon Mid-Century Modern Swivel Accent Chair 

Art Leon Mid-Century Modern Swivel Accent Chair Cardinal Red with Wood Legs Armchair for Home Office Study Living Room Vanity Bedroom

This chair is quite unique in that it has a tripod style foot structure. Of course, this aspect of the chair really makes it stand out for its unique aesthetics. Given its unique design, this chair would make for an excellent accent chair in your living room. 

Don’t be fooled, however- despite the fact that its legs all converge at one point of the base of the chair, it still is sturdy enough to support over 330 pounds.

The chair is also slanted at a slight decline almost like a lounge chair so that you are slightly leaned back when you position yourself in it.

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Grasshopper chair 


Due to its cozy qualities, this chair is a great example of a piece of furniture that promotes style and comfort.

What makes this chair unique is undoubtedly the legs. Two single pieces of wood form the legs which then wrap around to form the arms of the chair as well. This creates an incredibly decorative appearance. It is also important to mention that the chair built slightly similar to a lounge chair which makes it incredibly comfortable to lean back into.  

SLEIGH, designed by Jay Friedman


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The natural wood finish and slightly glossy leather make this chair stand out for its modern aesthetics. Its also likely called SLEIGH for a reason: after all the shape of the chair looks vaguely like the design of a horse-drawn sleigh.

Putting design aside, however, it is worth noting that this chair also has a ton of padding as well. The seat and the backrest are heavily cushioned to support your body. 

Rivet Revolve Modern Accent Chair

Rivet Revolve Modern Accent Chair, Denim

This chair is extra comfy simply because there is no bar wood frame- the entire frame is simply padded fabric. This makes it easy to sink into the chair and relax with ease. However, given that the build of the chair is relatively compact despite its thick padding, it won’t take up too much of your living space. 

Given its classic design, this chair is a great fit for just about any living space. 

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Elicia Mid-Century Arm Chair


With its classic Danish design, this chair is definitely a work of art. With its thickly padded seat and backrest to really help support your spine, this seat is built to really fit the contour of your body.

In addition, slender legs with the gold caps really add to the creative Scandinavian quality of the chair. Given its cozy, yet stylish qualities, this chair is a perfect fit for a living room or lounge space.

Reupholstered Mid Century Modern Chrome Barrel Chair

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Chairs like this one would be excellent to have in a home office or at a desk. This barrel chair is unique in that there is only a small part of the frame in the front that holds the large body of the chair up from the base. This creates gives the chair an incredibly modern and even artistic look to it. 

Not only that, but the chair is also thickly padded as well which makes it incredibly comfortable to sit in. 

Baxton Studio Yashiya Mid Century Retro Modern Fabric Upholstered Rocking Chair

Baxton Studio Yashiya Mid Century Retro Modern Fabric Upholstered Rocking Chair, Light Beige

This chair is slightly different from most others in this post in that it is a rocking chair. However, rocking chairs are often the most comfortable chairs of them all. Given that this one is so thickly padded, it most definitely is one that is easy to unwind in after a long day. 

This certainly is not the typical rocking chair that you would picture on the porch of an old farmhouse. Instead, this chair has an incredibly modern style that makes it perfect for any minimalist nursery or other contemporary living space.

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