Why Do Minimalists Wear Just Black Or White?

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After spending just a few minutes learning about minimalist fashion trends you will notice one reoccurring theme: black, white and grey clothing seem to be staples of the minimalist style.

Very rarely will you see a person that lives a true minimalist lifestyle wearing mismatched flamboyant colored clothing. Anyone that does dress this way most likely is not actually a true minimalist at heart.

But why is this the case? Why do minimalists dress all in one color? More importantly, why is that color some shade black or white 9 times out of 10?

Well… the short answer is that this style is the most simplistic way dress. However, there is much more to this fashion trend than meets the eye.

Minimalist philosophy and clothing choice

At its core, the minimalist lifestyle movement is very simple. Minimalists believe that being surrounded by clutter, in any shape or form, can cause unnecessary stress which can take away from what’s really important in life.

Holding on to stuff like this in a way imprisons us. Letting go of it liberates us. Yet we still have the memories tied to stuff with sentimental value and so letting go of it doesn’t mean we are losing a piece of our selves.

Therefore, to live a more fulfilling life, the minimalist objective is to simplify life by getting rid of the stuff that isn’t needed.

This philosophy, of course, applies to clothing. The sentimental emotions that we have with clothing can trap our minds and so letting go of all the clothing we don’t use is necessary.

So why does this explain why minimalist just like to wear all one color?

Owning clothing of just one color means avoiding making choices

Opening up your wardrobe in the morning and spending ten minutes figuring out what to wear, according to minimalists can add unnecessary stress to your life. Even if its just five minutes spent rummaging through your clothing, this can be time spent doing something more important. Energy spent stressing can be used more efficiently.

Having nothing but black or white clothing in your closet makes dressing simple. When everything is the same color, you don’t need to make the choice of deciding what colors to wear that day. A closet like this of eliminates the usual anxiety that comes with choosing your clothes.

Everything matches with everything

When your entire wardrobe is just one color, there is no possible way to mismatch your pants with your shirt with your shoes. A minimalist with the same color for every article of clothing doesn’t need to spend time or energy making sure their clothing matches up well.

The real meaning behind minimalist fashion

Ultimately when the minimalist fashion style does not necessarily mean you have to wear just white or black like you see Instagram models doing.

Minimalist philosophy means that really you can wear your favorite outfit every day, whatever that may look like! If that is a pink polka dot shirt with neon green striped pants, no problem.

What is important here is that there is…

1.) no guesswork as to what you feel like wearing each day

2.) no guesswork as to what matches and what doesn’t when you dress in the morning and

3.) only the amount of clothing necessary to live within your closet.

Following these criteria, you don’t need to wear black or white at all. Just what you feel most comfortable in.

The minimalists in documentaries or the minimalist Instagram influencers choose to wear just black, white or gray for a few different reasons.

The most important reason is that neutral colors such as these tend to best reflect the minimalist philosophy and lifestyle. With such a strong emphasis on simple living, neutral colors best align with this spartan mindset.

Another reason why minimalists dress with these specific colors is that these colors never will go out of fashion. Since the concept of fashion was even invented, these colors have been popular and they always will be.

Minimalist clothing style (colors aside)

Again, following minimalist philosophy, you can wear whatever you want as long as your clothing selection is properly limited. However, according to the minimalist fashion style, there are a few themes to follow.

Timeless clothing design

Minimalist style tends to be simple enough so that it can look fashionable no matter what time period it might be. Fads come and go but as long as the clothing is modest, it is timeless. That means that the retro 80’s sweater that was cool for a decade probably won’t do it.

No unnecessary patterns

Minimalist clothing doesn’t tend to have any crazy graphics or patterns. This is in part because if you only have a few pieces of clothing, you will most likely get sick of wearing that same pattern over and over. More importantly, extravagant patterns often aren’t reflective of the minimalist simplistic outlook. 

No logos showing

For the most part, minimalistic clothing does not promote brands. Monotone pieces of clothing are best without logos to disrupt the subtleness of the style.

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